Aug 13, 2005


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likes the star there hangs on above me shining through
likes the sea upon me make me so blue
my mind set up to the memories of you
all the things that will been through me and you
i wanna to tell you that i,
i just wanna hold you and i
kiss you and don’t wanna see you cry
i wanna to tell tou that i,
i just wanna hold you and i
there will love you till the day i die
for the rest of my life……….
so please stay and listen to me for a while
i’m just wanna tell you what my heart feelings inside
maybe it’d that will help tou to realize
that my love for you will geting stronger and high



sepet_kuku said...

amboi berehat-rehat...yea.

*rehat selagi mampu..yeahh!!

ryzal said...

burn.. seksi arh kO tidO mcm tuh.. muahaha.. menggOda yOu !!

aku x tau nak kOmen ape benOrnya.. Otak tgh blur.. hikss.. lenkali arh ekk..

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