Oct 4, 2010


Mohamad Zharif Zaquan.. the name of my second child.. "Welcome to your new world"!

He was admitted due to demam kuning on last Thursday & discharge on Sunday Morning.. fuhhhh... God bless, no unexpected happen to him.. I'm so worried about his condition.

Dah lah tu.. my wife dlm pantang pun terpaksa teman dia kat hospital.. actually, this is new experience to us.. taking care of our child in hospital.. hehehe..

Anyway, fight for your life baby.. we will support you.. ceh.. mcm dlm filem jer ayat nie..


Masy said...

dah dua dah anak? congratessss!!

moga anak dan ibu cpt2 recover :) insyaallah..

mabk.abubakar said...

Thank you masy..

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