Apr 16, 2011

FA Cup: Manchester City vs Manchaster United - My Second Prediction!

Hermmm.. quite hard for me to predict this game.. what do you think? anyway, I think Man Utd will win the game 2-0 if they can maintain the momentum play as champion..

This is the chance for Ji-Sung Park to prove himself after scored the winning game against Chelsea last Tuesday.

"I haven't won the FA Cup - it's the only one title [I haven't won] since I joined Manchester United so hopefully this season I can win the FA Cup. It's got great history throughout the world and hopefully I want to enjoy that competition more." Said Ji-Sung Park.

Good Luck for Man Utd, the Cup just around the corner!


nasri said...

alamak bro.. cmne nie salah predict.. huhu~

burnkelana said...

hehehe.. name pun predict.. last2 unpredictable lah..

Daniel Darius said...

Haha, marah kat toure.

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